Saturday 20 August 2016

Welcome to the Blog of Treason!

It's not really a Blog about Treason or anything like that. It's a blog for my game: Act of Treason.

Catchy right? It's not just a self-serving blog either. I hope to provide you with value: I hope to engage you and give you food for thought. I'll be covering a range of topics. Whatever is on my mind at the time. Although, to be fair - we're going to start with the Act of Treason stuff. It is the Blog of Treason after all. It has to be true to it's word (or does it? It is the Blog of Treason after all).

I'll do my best to blog once a week, usually on the weekend. I'm also going to include a weekly feature where I share an interesting YouTube video or some catchy music that I stumbled across. I love sharing things like this with people and I'm sure that you'll be able to get something good out of it.

Anyway - that's by the by.

I've spent the last long while working away at getting an online presence for AoT. The website ( is almost ready to launch now and it's looking really nice. Hopefully by the end of this week or next it will be launched. Took roughly 3 weeks of most of my time and it was some solid work. You can check out a screenshot below.

What a lovely, lovely website
I've also got myself up and running with an AoT Facebook page, an AoT Twitter account, and now a AoT Blog! The BoT. There is still a little bit of setup to do with each of these, but as they are not urgent, they will have to wait a little while to become fabulous.

It’s been a wild ride to get to this point and there is no doubt in my mind it’s about to get 100x more wild. Here’s the thing. I never really wanted to have to do all this marketing crap. It’s not what I’m good at - It’s not what I like doing. But people love this game, and I know how good it is. I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't see it through to the end. Honestly, if AoT wasn't as good as it is I would have stopped working on it a long time before. It's a compulsion to do public good at this point. So with all that said, I’m going to have to become good at this marketing crapt. So, I’ll be doing lots on the social media front. Advertising, promotions etc. All leading up to the big day on Kickstarter. If you'd like to help out or get in touch - you can contact me here:

I’ll be doing the vast amount of the lifting when it comes to getting the word out - all I ask is that if you like what you see, just let somebody know. Link, share, and spread the word :)

We only have one shot at this kickstarter thing - and if it goes well, you can expect to see more top quality games from me. *For sure* I already have some ideas in my belt. I just need the time to work on them.

I know I've not really covered Act of Treason much in this post. Lots of detail will up on the site really soon. Next week I'll cover some basic concepts of the game, and the background into how I came up with the idea.

Game on,

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Music of the week:
Zombie Hyperdrive // Red Eyes -

Quite upbeat. Awesome bit at 2:42 where it breaks into music right from Castlevania (I think); utterly fantastic. My only wish is that this was a larger part of the song.