Sunday 15 January 2017

A Quick Update

Hey y'all

Just giving you a quick update on AoT and other things that interest me.

For starters I'm making some headway with playtests. You can see the list of things I need to get done at Down the bottom I have a list that shows how far away we are from launch. Once all those ticks are green, the Kickstarter will be well underway.

All goals so far. Stay tuned for updates!

Can I just say. I love those who have supported me so far - thank you so much for your assistance and your time and effort. It is much appreciated.

When I have more videos lined up we'll be able to really get into the marketing push. All I ask is if you like like the product or what I have to say - and you want to support me - then share, share, share! It would be a huge help.

End Screen from some of the videos. Looking pretty, pretty, pretty. Pretty good

Upcoming Blog ideas:
  • I'll do a blog post on an roleplaying game that I've been working on, on and off, for a little while now, and other ideas for games and general thoughts on games.
  • I'll do one on, Vidme, alternative social media, globalism and autarchy and why I think it's so important in a modern world (this will likely be two or three posts)
  • I'll do a post on some of my favorite games and why I think they are so great - and why you might like, or might not like them as well.
  • I'll also keep you up to date with anything AoT related of course, and anything in my life that feel is important, or if I have any words of advice or wisdom.

A bit off topic, but I wanna say I'm very excited for Trumps inauguration. I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop in the states. I have a lot of hope that Trump will do well, and I'm really excited to see if he delivers. 

Some people might not like that I'm talking about politics, or they may think I should keep politics separate from my work. Let me be clear: I'm very inquisitive person by nature, and trying to separate me from big ticket and often polarizing questions such as religion, life, and politics would be like trying to separate me from my body. I am like a modern day Socrates. I just have to ask the question even if it kills me. But I try to do it respectfully. All I ask is you not crucify me for thinking and having an opinion. And I also ask that people not infer or assume anything about me simply because I like to share my opinion. My true political views are not clear cut, and may surprise you.

I have found this election cycle one of the most polarizing, vicious and divisive that I will likely see in my lifetime (in America at least). If people want to ratchet things up to 11, that's their prerogative, but I simply think it's unfounded. Take Patton Oswalts tweet from below - this is in response to Trump refusing to answer a frankly rude reporter, Jim Acosta. 

These kinds of reactions don't help anyone. Trump simply didn't want to answer a question from CNN, one of the few news networks to report on fake news. After Acosta wouldn't take no for an an answer, Trump labeled his network "fake news", which was met with clapping from the audience

I'm sorry, but in this situation, there was simply no right for Acosta to accost Trump. People like Patton Oswalt, and the never Trumpers need to calm down and actually point out legitimate grievances. They do not understand that pointing out that misinformation and outrage culture only furthers to delegitimize them and actually makes the case and support for Trump stronger. If you don't have legitimate complaints then don't make them up. They will only make it harder for you to state your case later on, such as the boy who cried wolf. Let's all try to get along people, regardless of our race, or beliefs.

This is just me dipping a toe in the political water. I may discuss more political tripe down the road if it really interests me, but we'll see.

Geez, this was supposed to be a quick update. :/ Oh well. Next time I'll try talk about something light and fluffy.

Papa Bless and enjoy your week.


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