Wednesday 25 January 2017

Update of last steps

Hi y'all,

So I've been flat out recently, and so will keep this weeks update really brief. Had a big playtest and have worked all weekend to implement changes and make a new slicker design for next time. In fact I worked so much it basiclly didn't even feel like I had a weekend. It just zipped by, and I felt like I was back into work Friday -> Monday, without even having a break of two days! It was pretty intense.

Anywho, this coming weekend hopefully I'll do a blog post or two to fill in more updates with AoT and to talk about some of the mechanics in detail. I might even throw in an opinion piece. Will also start working on a couple of simple tweets on the website - A couple of front page colorful 'Adverts' that point the reader to places of significant interest for them. I just think it's an easy way to share the most relevant information to those new to Act of Treason.

But for now I just wanna say I had a really good play test with people at work. I had tweaked a few things and tried out that I wanted to test. It was great and I learned a lot, but unfortunately it did not yield the final version of the game as I had hoped it might. However, the games that I did play on Friday were so illuminating that I think this next tweak to the game will be the final push it needs to get to perfection.

Me with a prototype board

So - What's the last thing that I'm trying to fix?

Well I will cover that in the next blogpost, but essentially in current AoT, a social contract is needed to create an excellent game, and an okay/good game emerges  if the social contract is not followed. I need to find a way to ensure that this social contract is converted into the rules and core mechanics in some way or form.

As it stands right now, ignoring or not knowing about this useful 'social contract' is a trap for new & intermediate players. Not following it promotes a type of play that detracts from the fun and design goals of the game.

The best option by far would be if I can create a mechanic that helps to foster this kind of social contract without actually having to enforce it by fiat.

I have already drawn up some proposed solutions that will fix this - and so I just need to test it. I really cannot wait for the next playtest

Until next time


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